2014 Baden Road Races

Thanks for supporting the first ever Baden Road Races! You could say that we’re blown away!



web1New meets old
We are happy to continue the 35 year tradition of the annual Wilmot Township race with the first running of the Baden Road Races in 2014. Most recently, in 2013 this race ran as the New Hamburg Classic Road Races. With a new name and new challenge this year, the race increased in enthusiasm and numbers.

The wind
Another major story of the day, the wind! With a constant wind on the back half, and gusts nearing and over 40 km/h, the downhills were not earned easily!

web2We have to run up that?
Of the changes, the most significant is the seven mile course. Already a unique distance, this new course removed the long hill on Sandhills Road for the shorter but steeper Baden Hill. It is about 250m long at about a 20% grade.
The 7 mile race was an out-and-back course to the top of the hill, where runners were timed on an up-and-down prime. And at the top of the hill, runners have the option to ring the famous Baden bell!

web3The community
We were pleased to continue this event as a yearly fundraiser for three fantastic local charities: Aldaview Services, Interfaith Community Counselling Centre, and Wilmot Family Resource Centre. We were thrilled to see so many volunteers, both from years past and new this year. We look forward to building on this year in 2015!


Congratulations to all runners who braved the wind this morning.


Prime results (for the fastest up-and-down time of the Baden Hill): Ken Macalpine (2:07) and Jessica Kuepfer (2:42). These runners win a pair of Saucony shoes from Runners’ Choice. The median hill split was 3:53!


We had three photographers on the course: A) 5k, 1k + finish; B) on the hill; C) roving, 200m + medals. All photos are posted online, free for your download and use at our photo site.



Next Race

Waterloo10kmClassicLogoLgYou might know that the only race older than the only race in Waterloo Region that is older than this one is the Waterloo 10KM Classic. But did you know that the original form of the Baden Road Races originated in 1979 as an event for Waterloo Classic volunteers? As volunteers, they couldn’t run in the Father’s Day classic, so they created an event of their own which is now officially linked with the Waterloo Classic in the RunWaterloo organization.

Well, that’s the next event! It’s been a tradition for 37 years, and it still offers an incredible race atmosphere. We hope to see you there on June 15!


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  • Jen K. May 10, 2014 8:07 pm

    I never thought I would say this, but compared to that head wind on the way back, the hill was easy! Another awesome race, thanks for all your hard work RW team!

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