2016 Laurier Loop



2016 marked a big change for Laurier Loop, as we moved to March for the first time, and to the central WLU campus. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed our new urban course, and raised over $3,500 for MDRC!

This is far from being one of RunWaterloo’s fastest courses; however, the assault on race records indicates that is much faster than the previous course through Waterloo Park:

*3 new individual race records;

*3 new team records; and

*of the five fastest males and females in each of the three distances, in the history of the Laurier Loop, 7 of those times were run in 2016!



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Next Event

Next up is the Economical ENDURrace. See you in Elmira for a fast 5k and 8k series!


  • PATRICK CAMPBELL March 16, 2016 7:12 pm

    So for 10km and 4 loops we don’t go through the Start/Finish each time? We stay on Bricker, or do we loop into the University each time and by pass the Start/Finish somehow?

    • runwaterloo March 16, 2016 9:11 pm

      Good question. Every loop for every race goes through the Start/Finish line.

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