Congratulations to all Boston Marathon finishers!

The Boston Marathon is the premiere running event. Even qualifying to participate is a feat for almost every runner, and those lucky enough to experience the atmosphere will never forget it.


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The sun is out and shining for all of the #BostonMarathon finishers on Boylston! #boston2019

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Each year, we like to recognize all local athletes who check this bucket list item!

Name Time City
Aidan Rutherford 2:55:09 Waterloo
Greg Galloway 3:02:10 Cambridge
Tyler McMaster 3:02:41 Kitchener
Kasey Baynton 3:04:21 Heidelberg
Dave Rutherford 3:13:53 Waterloo
Cynthia Nelson 3:17:52 Waterloo
Steve Tremblay 3:18:13 Waterloo
Stefan Gudmundson 3:18:52 Guelph
Rebecca Kruisselbrink 3:22:49 Waterloo
Mike Hammond 3:24:39 Cambridge
Gary Barfoot 3:26:44 Kitchener
Lizzy Hughes 3:31:05 Waterloo
Lumi Duca 3:37:34 Waterloo
Vicki Zandbergen 3:41:07 Kitchener
Robert Yendt 3:42:25 Kitchener
Kevin Taylor 3:42:55 Waterloo
Andrea Sweny 3:45:43 Kitchener
Merlin Frey 3:48:04 Elmira
Diane Russel 3:52:18 Waterloo
Tim Mcdonald 3:56:21 Kitchener
Eric Taylor 3:59:57 Kitchener
Michele Craddock 4:03:19 Waterloo
Tracy Mann 4:05:18 Waterloo
Julie Phillips 4:06:22 St Jacobs
Debbie Magnus 4:06:33 Waterloo
Florence Currier 4:06:45 Kitchener
Andrea Kaufman 4:10:15 Elmira
Cleveland Fox 4:13:36 Waterloo
Calvin Kotack 4:15:34 Kitchener
Robert Baxter 4:16:53 Kitchener
John Summers 4:23:05 Kitchener
Cindy Lou Wolfe 4:25:32 Kitchener
Doug Cunningham 4:53:44 Waterloo
Lesley Germann 5:31:12 Waterloo
Michael Essex 6:10:32 Kitchener

The race of over 30,000 runners was won by Lawrence Cherono of Kenya in a sprint finsh (2:07:57) and Worknesh Degefa of Ethiopia in a largely solo effort (2:23:31). Both are first-time winners.

Top Canadians were Karl Augsten of Calgary (2:25:30) and Kate Gustafson of New York (2:42:34).


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We gonna run these streets

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Survived the expo today. #bostonmarathon

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In related news, the BAA 5k featured some incredible Canadian performances from Justyn Knight and Ben Flanagan in 13:46 and 13:49 respectively.