Introducing the Run Waterloo member profile

In December of 2016, we started our first membership drive. The RW membership is a community and loyalty program, with many great perks, one of which is the (RW_Results) member profile. We’ve kept you in suspense … until now!

For all members who opted-in to the profile, they are now publicly available:

» Explore the Run Waterloo Member Profiles «

For all members, you can make any changes by emailing [email protected]. This could be to add or change your photo, include results not on your profile, exclude results that appear on your profile, or to opt in or out of this profile. 

Joanne BinkAs you explore the profiles, we want to draw your attention to the top nine. These are hand-picked runners who meet two criteria as of January 2017: they are a) current and active members of the Run Waterloo community and b) noteworthy within the RW Results history. We decided to recognize each of these nine athletes with permanent, single-digit membership numbers. The nine are:

  1. Lloyd Schmidt, Run Waterloo race director since 1987 and participant in the inaugural 1978 Waterloo 10 KM Classic.
  2. Joanne Bink, record holder for most kilometres raced, at 1,758.2km.
  3. Robert Brouillette, record holder for most event wins, with 19.
  4. Vicki Zandbergen, record holder for most event finishes, with 114.
  5. Aidan Kelly, record holder for most finishes of any race, with 34 Waterloo 10 KM Classic finishes, including a current streak of 26 finishes.
  6. Geoff Todd, strong supporter of Run Waterloo through Runners’ Choice Waterloo, and participant in the inaugural 1978 Waterloo 10 KM Classic.
  7. Tarah Korir, record holder for fastest half marathon and elite Canadian runner.
  8. Erin McClure, record holder for fastest 5 KM and elite Ontarian runner.
  9. Adam Hortian, record holder for fastest mile and elite Ontarian runner.

We encourage you to explore these and the full list of profiles. Coming to the profiles this spring is a series of achievements; stay tuned!

We’ve already exceeded our 2017 membership goal, and new members continue to join every day. If you like what you see, consider joining the community today.


  • Ian Childs January 19, 2017 12:56 pm

    Can we still register for membership? Or will there be another drive?

    • runwaterloo January 21, 2017 1:23 am

      Ian, thanks for registering! To anyone else reading – yes, membership is open all year. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can take advantage of its many benefits.

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