Newest Run Waterloo race (part 2): Run4Another

In our 2018 calendar, you might have noticed some Mystery Events. These are being revealed over the course of the winter and spring. Here’s the second announcement.

Run Waterloo is ecstatic to announce our partnership with One4Another International and the Run4Another run!

We’ve been involved in various ways in the background of this run since it began four years ago. At one of the region’s best-known running parks – Bechtel – this is a hidden gem of an event and we are pleased to introduce it to the Run Waterloo family in 2018.

This month, we took the opportunity to talk with Glenn Pascoe, Executive Director of One4Another about the event and launch the partnership.

Run Waterloo: What is One4Another?

Glenn Pascoe: One4Another is a local charity based in KW, started by a brother and sister after they spent time volunteering in Uganda. They returned to Canada wanting to do something in response to seeing an overwhelming need to help kids with essential surgical needs.

NEW: Run4Another, May 12

So, the link between a fundraising run for supporters in Canada and helping kids in Uganda be able to walk, play, and also run became a natural fit. Last year all the kids in our clinic counted down to start the run and as we heard their voices over the loudspeakers hundreds of our runners, walkers, joggers, felt connected to the very kids that they were helping by their participation. It is a great event for families and kids. Those who are among the top fundraisers will be matched with a child in Uganda that is on our wait list and will receive updates on the child’s progress throughout treatment. It makes it pretty real.

RW: When was the event founded?

GP: The event was founded in 2013 when we were just getting started as a small charity. It quickly became our most successful yearly fundraiser to support our work in Uganda.

RW: What initiated the partnership with Run Waterloo?

GP: We drew upon Run Waterloo’s expertise in setting up our first run and they have been on our radar ever since. Each year, we’ve wondered if we should partner and try to bring our run into a wider audience. This is the year!

RW: Why should the local running community be excited about this event?

GP: Run4Another Trail Run is on a fantastic course at Betchel Park. It is a communal event rooted in a clear purpose in which participants simultaneously do good for others while feeling good running through the forest, by the river, and through the finish line. One thing that makes this run unique in the calendar is that it is untimed – shifting the focus from performance to the good being done.

Run4Another 2017

Despite humble grassroots beginnings, we have received terrific support from local communities of individuals, businesses, sports teams, classes, and local foundations. This partnership is the obvious next step. To our delight, our vision to provide quality surgical care to some of the world’s most vulnerable children grown such that our goal is to treat over 300 children in 2018 – and we need your help.

RW: Is anything changing about the event from 2017 to 2018?

The run itself will stay the same but we will be using the help of Run Waterloo for advertising, registration, logistics, photo hosting, etc.

RW: How does this event make sense as a new member of Run Waterloo?

We are an organization that is determined to alleviate the suffering of children with correctable conditions in Uganda and help shift the trajectory of their lives. Therefore, our motivation to do this event well is tied to a driving force that has been growing exponentially over the last 5 years. Run Waterloo is a chance to take our event to the next level.

RW: We can’t agree more!

More from Run Waterloo

In our mission to make running opportunities more and more accessible, and to break down silos in our community, we are very excited to bring another major charitable fundraising run to the fold.

The vast majority of the funds raised through Run Waterloo stay specifically in Waterloo Region, however, we have expanded that vision starting with the Harvest Half in 2014. Like the Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada, One4Another is a charity that does great work abroad from its base in Waterloo Region. We are focused on facilitating the role that running can play in achieving these goals.

We hope you’re excited for this new Run Waterloo event on May 12, 2018. Learn more or register today.


  • Greg Huszarik March 11, 2018 4:15 pm

    I was in Uganda last summer when Glenn and his sister were there…. great charity and great work. So nice to see this partnership formed.

    • runwaterloo March 11, 2018 5:52 pm

      That’s such a cool story! As we start to support charities that are based here but operate internationally, it’s great to hear this feedback – thanks Greg!

    • Glenn Pascoe March 11, 2018 6:06 pm

      Hey Greg, it’s Glenn. Thanks for your comment! Were you a part of the group from Creekside last summer? We’re very excited about partnering with Run Waterloo.

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