Equipment Rentals

One of the strengths of our events is the professional equipment. We have these items available for rental to help you take your event to the next level.

Item Specifications Options(s) Starting at What’s included Photos
Start/Finish structure Aluminum, customizable height and span Start/finish banner(s) $250/5 hours Two-way delivery, setup, tear down 2019 Waterloo 10K Classic
Crowd barricades Steel, 44 pieces, 6.5′ Fence signage $2 per piece per hour. Minimum $250 Two-way delivery
Course signage Various directional signs for various surfaces Pylons $100/5 hours
Sound system Yorkville 300W speaker cabinets (3 units), tripods, mic and cables Wireless mic, iPod $50 per half hour, minimum $200 Two-way delivery, setup and tear down

Available discounts: inquire about non-profit/charity rates and Run Waterloo member perks.