Early Registration Extravaganza

These are the top seven reasons to come into Runners’ Choice today:
DSC_0598 - Copy

1. It’s Saturday morning, you’ve crushed your long run in cold temperatures, and you’re feeling inspired!
2. Avoid the online transaction fee by paying by cash or cheque in the store, and achieve the big multi-race discounts (see below).
3. Saucony will give a free LED light (for night-running) to everyone who registers for a race in store today.
4. You have the opportunity to chat with Lloyd and Jordan about any questions you have about the series.
5. Runners’ Choice is having a Winter Clearance sale right now, with some pretty steep discounts!
6. Try on Women’s Size Shirts. As you know, we are switching to men’s and women’s shirts this year. Men’s will fit the same, but the women’s will obviously fit differently. We will have women’s sizes of our shirts for you to try on and get the sizing just right!
7. Just to say hi!

RunWaterloo will be at Runners’ Choice today between 11:00 and 1:00.

Multi-Race Discount

As we approach the end of the Multi-Race Discount season, this is everything you need to know:

– The discount schedule ranges from 10%-35% off.
– The deadline for paper registration for multiple races is January 31, 2014. Forms are available at Runners’ Choice or right here.
– There is no deadline to register for multiple races online. That takes place right here.
– Just a reminder that to be eligible for the Battle of Waterloo, you must run the “Re-Fridgee-Eighter” 8km. It’s the best ten bucks you’ll spend this year!
– Is signing up months in advance worth your time? Will Spaetzel has developed a chart to demonstrate the affect of progressive multiple race discounts. Check it out here.

Have a good weekend!