Improving mental and physical health with Economical ENDURrace and Woolwich Counselling Centre

Run Waterloo is excited to announce a new charity partnership for the Economical ENDURrace this year: the Woolwich Counselling Centre!

“Woolwich Counselling is very pleased to be involved in Economical ENDURrace this year,” said Mary Wilhelm, Executive Director. “As the race is held in Elmira, it is fantastic to have an Elmira non-profit involved especially one that promotes Mental Health. As we know, running not only leads to good physical health but also improved emotional health – so this is a great connection here.”

Run Waterloo is also excited for this opportunity to have a greater impact on and give back to the local community, which has supported this early spring chance for runners to test their fitness and speed since 2012.

Who is Woolwich Counselling?

Woolwich Counselling Centre WCCWoolwich Counselling Centre (WCC) provides professional counselling services for individuals, couples and families from all walks of life. We have a very reputable child and youth therapy program, with two specifically equipped child and youth therapy rooms. Incorporated in 1977 as a registered, non-profit charitable organization we are governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.

WCC services specifically cover the rural Townships of Woolwich and Wellesley but extend to those in the Region of Waterloo and beyond.

Good physical health can lead to good mental health, and vice versa

WCC doesn’t offer any physical activity-based programs, but the Centre recognizes the importance of exercise and physical fitness for a happy and healthy life. “It is amazing to see that those who implement a simple walk-run program into their lives quickly reduce stress, anxiety, depression and health concerns. The benefits are astounding and not only lead to improved emotional and physical health but lessen the need for ongoing treatments such as psychotherapy and some medications,” says Wilhelm.

From the other side, we as runners know that we benefit emotionally from our running habit, too, and many of you have told us how running helps provide a balance in your lives.

Woolwich Counselling and Run Waterloo

EERaThe funds raised through ENDURrace will support WCC’s overall counselling services. The centre provides counselling to all individuals and families regardless of their income or ability to pay, and as a result, fundraising is an important part of their operations. Runners can help by encouraging family and friends to support them – or better yet run with them.

“This race will benefit many who will have a wonderful, fun filled day of physical health – running with family and friends. As a result, they will also be running for a great charity in Elmira – Woolwich Counselling – a non-profit who provides psychotherapy for all ages and has improved the emotional well-being for many families in the Woolwich and Wellesley Townships.”

Run Waterloo and Woolwich Counselling Centre are looking forward to working together over the next month, to put on two great races and also help reduce the stigma against mental illness. We hope everyone will cheer for those that get involve – Mental Illness affects all of us!

The 2017 Economical ENDURrace is April 22 and 29 in Elmira.