Meet your Waterloo Classic pace bunnies

We’re happy to introduce our two pace bunnies for next Sunday!

Rebecca and Fraser are experienced runners who will hit their paces and help you reach your goal.

2018 ENDURrun Stage 7 Sneak Peek: Marathon

Rebecca Kruisselbrink

  • 6:00 min/km = 60:00 10k and 30:00 5k
  • Starting in Corral C
2017 Waterloo 10 KM Classic

Fraser Hutton

  • 5:00 min/km = 50:00 10k and 25:00 5k
  • Starting in Corral B

Both Rebecca and Fraser will be identified prior to the start, and wear hats with ears for easy identification during the race.

Running with a pace bunny is a low-pressure situation; use the group for motivation and pacing, but don’t feel bad if you need to speed up or slow down.

Remember that the pace bunny group will work for your chiptime, not your guntime (although they will be close). And make sure you save a small kick for the end to go under the goal time!