Runners’ Choice Marathon/Half Marathon Group starts this Thursday

Interested in distance road running for the fall of 2019? Don’t miss the Runners’ Choice Marathon/Half Marathon Group starting on July 4!

What’s it all about? Our group’s main focus is on having fun while training and supporting each other along the way. We have had hundreds of runners in our group over the years training for races from 5k, to  42k and ultra marathons. We also have many that do triathlons as well. The great thing about our group is that we have runners training for many races around the world each session, not just one goal race. We love to have newer runners joining in on the fun.

Runners' Choice fall group

Who is the group leader? Michele Craddock has been leading the marathon and half marathon group at Runners Choice for ten years. She brings an infectious enthusiasm and a ton of experience, including 36 marathons as of July 2019. including 10 Boston Marathons. “I love to travel and run around the world.”

Runners' Choice fall group

Shameless plug for our half marathon? “The Harvest Half is a great race to train for because it’s local and well-timed as a great tune-up race for marathons later in the fall. The best part of the race is that it’s a fundraiser for the Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada.”

2016 Harvest Half

Which races are on the radar this fall? This year we have members training for the ENDURrun, Erie Marathon, Harvest Half, Run for the Toad, Chicago, Toronto Waterfront, Road to Hope in Hamilton, New York City Marathon and the Athens Marathon. In the spring we have runners doing  the Chilly Half, Tokyo Marathon, Around the Bay, Boston, Mississauga, Ottawa and the London England Marathon.

Runners' Choice fall group

What else do people need to know? To join in the fun, just show up with your running shoes on Thursday, July 4th for a short workout in Waterloo Park. 

  • Meet at Runners’ Choice (55 Erb St E)
  • Michele will be there at 5:00 p.m. to answer any questions.
  • You should be able to run 5 km. 
  • The group trains Sunday mornings at 7:20 a.m. and Thursday nights at 6 p.m.