Waterloo Running Series doubles prize money for 2016

A major change for 2016 is an increase in prize money offered at Waterloo Running Series races. Prize money will now be offered to the winners of eight events across five of our races, for a 100% increase in total available prize money.

In total, at least $7,200 in prize money will be awarded at Waterloo Running Series events (this is separate from the $3,500 awarded at The ENDURrun). The 2016 breakdown is as follows:

RaceEvent1st Overall (M/F)2nd Overall (M/F)3rd Overall (M/F)1st Masters (M/F)
ENDURraceCombined 5KM + 8KM$100$75$50$75
Waterloo Classic5KM$200$100$50$100
Waterloo Classic10KM$300$150$75$150
Harvest HalfHalf Marathon$200$100$50$100
Fall Classic (previously Oktoberfest Run)5KM$300$150$75$150
Fall Classic (previously Oktoberfest Run)10KM$200$100$50$100

The primary purpose of doubling the available prize money is to recognize and reward our local competitive runners and to attract more competitive runners from outside the Waterloo Region.

These two factors will result in more competitive races that will improve the overall event experience. The strengthened fields and increased excitement will be felt by participants, spectators and volunteers alike. Prize money is a small fraction of the total amount that we spend on the comprehensive race experience for every runner. Runners will also notice other, more expensive changes, such as sublimated shirts at some races, which have a tangible value to all runners.

Waterloo Running Series, Adam Hortian, Erin Mcclure, FastisfunThis new prize money scheme affects local aspiring elite runners like Adam Hortian in a very real way. Adam has won Waterloo Running Series races with prize money four times: twice at the Oktoberfest Run (5KM in 2011 and 2012) and twice at the Waterloo Classic (5KM in 2012 and 10KM in 2007). As someone who is a contender for a share of prize money this year, Adam has this to say:

“In most cases I would select a race that offers prize money over a race that doesn’t offer prize money. I can also say with confidence that in my experience, races that offer prize money have been better organized events and thus more enjoyable. I would also be more likely to enter a prize money race at a higher level of fitness as it would likely have a higher priority within my race schedule (an “A” race as some refer to it).

“As an aspiring elite, I can only run at a peak level of fitness for so many efforts within the course of a season. The Waterloo Running Series adding and increasing prize money offers external motivation to continue training at a high level and sends a strong message of support for our local runners.”

Adam coaches Fastisfun, and has a PB of 23:55 in the 8KM. He won the Re-Fridgee-Eighter overall in 2015, although no prize money was awarded at that race. Adam had already signed up for the Re-Fridgee-Eighter in 2016 before we decided to increase the prize money, which came as a nice surprise to him!

Fastisfun has entered a very competitive team to the Re-Fridgee-Eighter in 2016, which includes the talented Erin McClure. Like Adam, Erin has also earned prize money as a Waterloo Running Series race winner four times: at the Oktoberfest Run 5KM (2009 and 2014) and Waterloo Classic 5KM (2014 and 2015).

Erin is also excited about this change: “It is refreshing to hear race directors valuing the efforts put in by elite and sub elite runners. The Waterloo Running Series is a fantastic series that has been entrenched in Waterloo’s community for decades. When I select my races for the year I definitely consider the prize money, awards in addition to location and date. Any extra prize money to help us fuel and care of our body to help us achieve our goals is a welcome perk to doing what we love…running and reaching our distance and time goals.”