New for 2019: start corrals at Waterloo Classic

Since we moved this race to the University of Waterloo in 2017, we have experienced three years of a field growing in size and competitiveness.

We’re excited to introduce corrals for the first time in 2019, to improve participant safety and overall experience. We hope you enjoy it!

The basics: the colour on your bib will match a gate sign. Use it! Still curious? More details:

Classification and identification

Runners are divided into four groups: ELITE, Corral A, Corral B, and Corral C, based on information submitted during registration. (Times below)

ELITE bibs are 10k and 5k only, but each lettered corral will include runners from each of the 10k, 5k, and 3k. The corral (Orange, Black, Pink, Green) and event (White, Blue, Yellow) are clearly designated on the participant’s bib. 

Corral design

A is first, then B, then C. Elites are the front of Corral A. 

There is one gate per corral and they are all on the side closest to the CIF building, parking, registration, and washrooms. There are emergency exits on the opposite side of the corral, but these are not entrances. 

A length of caution tape will separate the back of Corrals A and B from the front of Corrals B and C.

Corral C is open-ended at the back. All strollers must be in Corral C, regardless of what the bib says. If you are planning to run with a stroller, please request by email to be added to Corral C.

The exact dimensions of each corral will depend on final signup numbers and will be monitored and adjusted accordingly to provide a safe experience. 

Entering the corral and race start

Runners must enter the start corral in their designated and signed gateway. There will be volunteers there to assist participants.

Runners are asked to be in their corral by 8:20 – 10 minutes before the race starts. The 10k, 5k, and 3k all start at 8:30.

At 8:25, the gates to Corrals A and B will close. All later participants will enter Corral C from the back.

At 8:27, the caution tape will be moved forward, and then removed. Runners in Corrals B and C will be required to move forward with the tape, slightly and safely, depending on available space. (This race will give chip times for informational purposes, but be scored by gun time for results and awards.)

If you get nervous or are overwhelmed by this process, you don’t have to enter Corral A or B – just hang out at the back and start in Corral C!

Elite runners will enter the corral from the front. 

Corral seed times

Corral 10 KM 5 KM 3 KM
ELITE limited spots limited spots n/a
A sub 45 sub 24 sub 12
B sub 55 sub 30 sub 20
C over 55 over 30 over 20

Concerns or questions

If you have concerns about your seed time, email Race Director Lloyd Schmidt


  • Greg Cartmell June 7, 2019 8:32 pm

    Very cool introduction for the race!

  • Patrick Campbell June 12, 2019 8:52 pm

    Love the corralling I intro

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