Announcing the 2019 #RWBoost prizes

RW Boost is our social competition, a loyalty program, and a fun community initiative, all in one.

Building on our 2018 prizes, we are excited to launch this expanded set of prizes for the 2019 competition!

Current 2019 RW Boost Standings | More on RW Membership

Seven levels of RW Boost prizes in 2019

All of these prizes are completely free and stackable. From lowest to highest:

1. RW ShoelacesBoth Classic BoostersAt or after Fall Classic
2. Free entry to DTK Mile for a friendTop 10 in each Demographic after Waterloo ClassicPromo codes sent after Waterloo Classic
3. Free entry to Riverside "Roughly" Five for a friendTop 10 in each Demographic after Fall ClassicPromo codes sent after Fall Classic
4. RW Headband750 pointsAwarded any point throughout the year once the points are earned
5. RW Boost HoodieTop 20 in each DemographicOrdered and printed after last race on November 30; distributed over the winter
6. 2020 RW MembershipTop 5 in each DemographicPromo codes sent after the last race on November 30, 2019
7. Saucony shoesWinner of each DemographicPhoto op at Runners' Choice in December 2019
  1. Everyone with both Classic boosters earns the RW shoelaces
  2. Top 10 in each demographic after Waterloo Classic earn a free entry to DTK Mile for a friend
  3. Top 10 people after Fall Classic earn a free entry to Riverside “Roughly” Five for a friend
  4. 750 points earns a RW Bondi band headband
  5. Year end – Top 20 in each demographic earns a RW Boost Hoodie (new design to be released this summer)
  6. Year end – Top 5 in each demographic earns a 2020 RW membership
  7. Year end – Winner of each demographic earns Shoes from Saucony Canada

How to play

How many prizes will you earn? We encourage you to check out the past results to see how many points you could expect to earn this year. Also read the full rules and plan out where you are going to earn your points in 2019!

How high are you setting your sights? Can you earn the 750, or are you going for a top 20 demographic place? Who are the contenders in your demographic? Have fun with this!

Prizing rules


  • All prizes are completely free to RW Boost participants.
  • RW Boost is exclusive to and free to RW members.
  • Deadline to join this competition is May 24, 2019. At this point, all members who have a membership profile are included (including all retroactive 2019 results), and anyone who is not a member or does not have a member profile is ineligible in 2019.

Earning and receiving awards

  • Each prize is slightly different in terms of the criteria to earn and the timing for distribution. Refer to the table above for dates and criteria.
  • Prizes are stackable.
  • There is no cap on how many members will earn prize levels 1 and 4. All other prizes are fixed based on Demographic standings.
  • For levels 5, 6, and 7 that depend on final standings, the 2019 Boost standings will be finalized after the final race of the year on November 30, 2019.

Learn more about:

Next RW Boost points up for grabs

We’re out in Baden for the Baden Races on May 18. After this race, you will still have a week to enter the program.


  • Dave Harmsworth May 14, 2019 9:54 am

    The day before this announcement, I actually said to my wife “I think I should get a headband!”
    Where can I pick it up? At my next race?

    • runwaterloo May 14, 2019 9:58 am

      At this point, you basically own this program! We will let you know when they have shipped!

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