Baden Duathlon Participant Info

7pm updates:

  • No body marking or bike/helmet stickers
  • At (before) the event, stop by the Wheels on Peel tent with your du bib – Ted has a water bottle and some other goodies for every duathlete. 


See you tomorrow at the first Baden Duathlon. Below are:

  • 1. Event Info, 2. Transition Info, 3. Course Info, 4. Relay Info, 5. Maps


1. Event Info

  • This event has been operating in various forms since 1979 as running-only. This is the first multi-sport event.
  • The 7mi starts at 8:30; the 5k and duathlon starts at 9:00, and the 200m starts around 10:15
  • Wilmot Recreation Complex, Baden, Ontario
  • Bibs are mandatory from start to finish, for all legs and transitions. Without a bib you will not get splits or a time.
  • Event page 
  • Kit pickup is in the arena lobby from 7:30-8:30

2. Transition Info

Participant access to transition zone

  • Opens at 7:45
  • Participant must have participant bib to receive bike claim bracelets at transition entrance
  • Participants enter through gate 1. adjacent to the parking lot
  • All cyclists set up in a first-come, first-set up basis in one of six racks:
    1. F < 40
    2. F > 40
    3. M < 40
    4. M – 40s
    5. M > 40
    6. Relay
  • Closes at 8:45
  • Reopens once final participant has started run2, from gate 1.
  • Closes at 12:00

Run 1 (5k)

  • Gun starts near transition at 9:00. All duathletes start in one wave
  • Near end of run, passes near transition to a turnaround, then back to transition
  • Chip time splits at 2. (run in)

Bike (25.5k)

  • Chip time splits at 3. (bike out)
  • Bike on is clearly signed and marshaled
  • Bike off is clearly signed and marshaled
  • Chip time splits at 3. (bike in)

Run 2 (5k)

  • Chip time splits at 2. (run out)
  • Passes near transition to finish line inside WRC
  • Chip time splits on arena floor (finish line)

3. Course Info


  • 35% mixed-use trail and 65% paved road
  • Run on right always, never cross centre of path or road
  • One water station which is hit twice
  • All turns are signed or marshalled
  • Run 1 is concurrent with stand-alone 5km. Pay attention to signage and volunteers directing you to transition – run past transition to a duathlon run1 turnaround with a few hundred metres to go, then back to transition. At this duathlon run1 turnaround, 5k-only runners will go straight.
  • Run2 does not have this turnaround – it continues straight to finish on the arena floor


  • 100% paved road
  • Standard rules:
    • Can’t mount your bike before or after the mount/dismount line
    • Keep to the right, do not cross centerline (automatic DQ)
    • No drafting (7m draft zone, must pass or drop back within 20sec, must immediately drop back when passed)
    • Observe directions given by volunteer marshals, OAT officials, and police officers
    • Helmet must be on before bike removed from rack (T1) and after bike racked (T2)
  • On course support:
    • 0 water stations
    • All turns are signed and marshalled
    • In addition to intersections marked as Police, there are 7 additional mobile Auxiliary police units
    • REACT medical will be on the course
    • Wheels on Peel providing a sag wagon with mechanical support behind the last cyclist
  • Watch for:
    • 2 speedbumps on the way out AND the way in. They are less than 1km from transition
    • Be very careful coming back off the bike and turning onto Gingrich. Although that stretch of road is closed to general traffic, there could be Erb transport trucks as well as two way runners on this stretch of the road.
    • Pay attention at the highway on ramps south of Petersburg on Queen St, and south of Baden on Foundry.

4. Relay Info

  • Relays rack bikes. Runners run into and out of transition.

5. Maps

Keep reading for course gmaps.