Elite list for the 2018 Fall 5 KM Classic

Post-race update: the results did not disappoint. Pre-race favourites Chris and Julie-Anne took home the top prizes, with Julie-Anne setting a new record. Becky Pieterson and Laura Bernard were late signups who placed top-5. Keep reading

Two “fast” aspects that everybody loves about the Fall 5 KM Classic are the downhill course and the talented athletes up front.

On the men’s side, the winner has gone sub-15 each of the past two years and that trend should continue in 2018. We are also super excited to have the all-time women’s recordholder – Erin McClure, 16:28 in 1997 – back in the field as well! 

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Here’s a list of who to watch for on Sunday:

Athlete Recent Result City
Julie-Anne Staehli 16:24, 2018 Canadian Championship 5K London
Erin McClure 17:10, 2018 Canadian Championship 5K Waterloo
Erin Mawhinney 17:40, 2017 Hamilton Twilight Meet #1 Hamilton
Chris Balestrini 14:48, 2018 Canadian Championship 5K London
Frank Sorbara 15:21, 2018 Chilly 5k Thornhill
Joshua LeBlanc 32:06, 2018 Lake Placid 10k Guelph
Daniel Fournier 15:26, 2017 Fall 5 KM Classic Waterloo
Jonathan Redfearn 15:38, 2017 Fall 5 KM Classic Waterloo
Grant Wignall 15:48, 2018 Run for the Grapes 5k Niagara Falls
Sandy Freeland 15:55, 2018 Waterloo Classic 5k Kitchener
John McLean 15:59, 2017 Fall 5 KM Classic Cambridge

There are also a number of talented masters runners, including Robyn Collins, Valery Hobson, Jonathan Fugelsang, Jay Dolmage, and Darryl Huras.

2018 Fall 5 KM Classic - fast faces