Bringing our Flickr Gallery right to your Results profile!

See these little camera icons? They are big news for your two favourite Run Waterloo sites, and Flickr


After you run a race, we know the two things you’re looking for online are results and photos. You can now tag Flickr photos to attach them directly to results and member profiles!


  • Once photos for an event are available on Flickr, there will be a camera next to that event in the list of events
  • Anyone who has photos tagged in a race album will see those photos from a link beside their name in the event results (screenshot above)
  • Any member who has photos tagged in any race will see a link to those photos on their member profile

Tagging photos on Flickr

The magic here is that anyone with a Flickr/Yahoo account can tag photos. We are not asking you or any specific individual to do any work with tags, but the more involved the crowd gets, the more valuable all photo links will be. Every added tag contributes to the greater picture. Some helpful guidelines:

  • addatagTag any visible bibs, eg if the bib is 456, tag the number 456
  • If you are looking at a photo and you notice there are no bib tags, feel free to add some!
  • If you tag one person (yourself) in a photo, don’t be shy to tag other individuals in that photo as well
  • Pro tips: the simplest way to tag photos is from the browser (rather than in a mobile app) and by typing “t” before you add a tag, and a space between tags

Volunteers have already tagged the 2017 Re-Fridgee-Eighter and the 2016 Santa Pur-suit photo albums (sets). All other races since we joined Flickr (January 2016) are available as well, so feel free to open an album and start tagging!

Also consider that:

  • If you haven’t taken care before, this is a good reason to affix your bib to your front in a way that is clearly visible
  • Tags are not guaranteed to be comprehensive. If you don’t have a camera icon next to your name, there may still be photos of you. What this means is that the photo may not have been tagged, your bib might not be visible, or a tag may have been made in error
  • Don’t worry, but a newly tagged photo may take up to an hour or more for its link to be made available on Once the tag is made, there is nothing further you need to do
  • We still encourage you to browse through the albums, because even if there aren’t any more (untagged) photos of you, there are surely some great photos of your friends or fellow participants for you to enjoy

To report an error, such as a typo in race number that puts a erroneous photo on your member profile, contact [email protected] and we will be happy to remove that tag.