Run Waterloo members Robert and Vicki win the 2017 ENDURrun

Another ENDURrun has come and gone, and what a week it was.

ENDURrun 2017Robert Brouillette achieved the three-peat in style, with the third-fastest ever time. Vicki Zandbergen also led wire-to-wire in achieving her first Ultimate victory with the tenth-fastest ever time. Health + Performance swept the Relay podium, with one team setting a new all-Masters record.

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In a week where participants race 7 Stages over 8 days, so much more happens than is captured in the results. We started to chronicle stories of the ENDURrunners, and we encourage you to check them out on A sample of these blogs:

And so many more. We encourage you to explore for yourself and see what the ENDURrunners are thinking during the week.

ENDURrun 2018

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