RW goes global 2020

We’re all in this together, literally.

Everyone is going stir crazy, and runners are no exception. Even though we are still able to do the core essence of our sport – run – we are suspending so many aspects of life and sport that are essential to our needs, social and otherwise.

Run Waterloo is not planning events for any time soon, but we still have a membership that’s hungry for something to do. This is the perfect time to launch some new initiatives.

While we’re all individually doing our part, here’s a simple relay to remind us of the global challenges we are facing.

First up: RW goes global 2020 relay

Submit your runs and we’ll track our progress around the earth. It’s 40,075km to our antipode in the Indian Ocean and back. Let’s go!

See the interactive map

We will update the map periodically, but this data summary is automatic:

Track the progress

Since we don’t universally use any tool such as Facebook or Strava, we have created a simple webform that doesn’t need a login.

Submit a leg

We’ve also set up a facebook event to provide a forum for encouragement and questions.

Join the facebook event

Notes to participants:

  • This is for all friends of the RW community. If you are reading this, you are very welcome!
  • This is not an individual contest. It is a cumulative and fun project to keep us connected and motivated.
  • This is free.
  • This for walking and running.
  • Tracking starts April 1, 2020, and goes until we finish. You can submit runs retroactively if you are late to the party.
  • Submit each run/walk as separate entries (or one submission per day). If you don’t know how far you went, you can measure it online with various tools like mappedometer. Approximate KMs are ok!
  • Members of the RW Strava group have their KMs logged automatically (with a short delay) and do not need to use the webform, but can use the webform to log additional KMs.

Thank you for participating. The number of people who participate will determine whether this takes weeks or months!