Your Personal Running Cheerleader – The Garmin FR220

gearI like to keep my running simple which means I tend to shy away from running technology. However, once in a while, a really amazing running gadget hits the market that just blows me away! The Garmin FR220 is just that that product. Not only is it incredibly accurate and super slick looking.  It also has every feature a runner could possibly dream up…including being easy to use.  It really is the perfect running watch.

garmin_forerunner_220-620Here are a few of my personal favourite features:

Run/Walk alert which allows you to set a predetermined Run Time (ex. 5 mins) and set a different Walk Time (ex. 1 min.) your watch will then alert you at the set time intervals until you re-program it. This is great for interval runs or for those looking to complete a race using a combination of running and walking.

Personal Records prompts you when you have created a new personal best such as ‘Longest Run’ and  ‘Fastest Kilometre’. This doesn’t serve any function other than giving you an ego boost, but who couldn’t use a little pat on the back every one in a while. Sometime we miss the little milestones in our training and now Garmin is here to remind us to celebrate the small things. It is like a little electronic cheerleader worn on your wrist!

Garmin-Forerunner-220-GPS-Running-Watch-With-Heart-Rate-Monitor-BCustomized Workouts allows you to program any training targets into your Garmin such as pace, speed, heart rate or cadence. Allowing you create challenging interval workouts with the click of a few buttons. This feature has helped me figure out my different paces – training pace, race pace etc. allowing me to make better use of training programs.

Live Tracking allows you to send a link out to your friends and family by Facebook, Twitter or email that will allow them to stream your run live. This feature is great as a safety mechanism and also incredibly useful at races so your family can see how close you are to certain checkpoints on course.

Garmin Connect Software is one of the easiest and most comprehensive GPS softwares to use. I was astounded at how easily I navigated through the screens.

TThe Garmin 220 would provide all the information and features that most runners would ever want (and for those who need more there is the Garmin 620)! It is comprehensive and easy to use.  Waterproof, lightweight and did I mention that they come in colours…because they do. And that might be the most important thing of all!

For more information on the Garmin 220 or any other GPS watch – please visit us and talk to any of our knowledgeable staff members!

Tiffany Winton is the Manager at Runners’ Choice and a regular contributor to the RunWaterloo Blog.


  • caitlin. January 30, 2014 6:44 pm

    Anyone use the 220 on the treadmill? I’m thinking of getting this watch, but I need something that can track my treadmilling since it logs “kilomiletreads”…

  • Tiffany Winton January 31, 2014 11:32 am

    Hey Caitlin — I have used the 220 on the treadmill before and it is amazing. Not only does the watch have a built in accelerometre (which measures your distance based on how fast your wrist is moving) which is surprisingly accurate, but you can also buy a footpod attachment if you want to opt for that. Personally I found the built-in accelerometre was more than enough. Hope this has helped.

  • Daniel February 10, 2014 10:49 am

    I have a 910xt, as I also do a lot of cycling as well. This winter has been brutal, lots of Treadmill kilometers logged, and if your like me the foot pod is totally essential, as almost every single Treadmill displays incorrect speeds. The foot pod is the only way to truly duplicate your speed your would use out in the real world, and the Garmin connect software is great, all my races are broken down into splits and you can analyse your race and plan better for the future. 🙂

  • Tiffany Winton February 10, 2014 3:08 pm

    Very true Daniel. If you want a truly accurate distance you have to wear the footpod which comes as an additional attachment to most Garmin watches. If you like to keep track of your indoor workouts then the footpod is necessary. Thanks for your input Daniel and enjoy the 910XT!

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