Highlights of the global relay

We made it!

8.5 weeks, 204 people, and 40,075 kms later, and we’re back home! We had a lot of fun with this project, and we know you did too based on the daily participation.

Thank you for not leaving us stranded in the Pacific Ocean.

Project stats and map

Stats | Map

Check out the links above to see an interactive map of daily progress, and various stats. Examples include 44% of the legs being in Waterloo, the average leg being 9.27km, and 138 legs being exactly 5.00 km.

Global relay all stars

This was designed to be an anonymous and non-competitive project, so we cleared these names for publication. Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

April 1First leg1legJosalyn RadcliffeVery first to submit the webform on April 1.
April 5Highest point (Cerro Potosí – 3760m)2739KMGraham StonebridgeIn the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range. Next highest point outside this range was 2,700m in Turkey.
April 5Pacific Ocean in Mexico3525KMJody RiceFirst to dip toes in saltwater, where we spent the next five weeks.
April 121000th leg8979.11KMJulie SchmidtOur very own Julie Schmidt!
April 28Halfway20037.5KMGary LongsterFinished our way out, and began our way back.
May 26Back in Canada37968KMPaul van ReedeBack on home soil in Labrador.
May 29Second last leg40066.67KMChris BurrisJust missed being the hero.
May 29Last leg40075KMEdwin VaneThe very final leg, number 4,325.
April 25Longest legs50+KMMarjolein Wijbenga-GrootOne of three people who ran 50+ kms, virtually in place of PYP.
Most KMs walked746KMLloyd SchmidtLloyd is injured, but is staying active with multiple walks daily.
Most Legs Submitted94legsKim CarrThe webform is simple, but Kim hit submit 94 times!
Most KMs Submitted895.87KMChristopher GrahamMost KMs logged manually through the webform.
Most KMs974.25KMRebecca KruisselbrinkMost KMs overall – combo of multiple daily activites and long runs.
Most legs142legsEmma Walpole BartlettMost legs overall – logging daily walks averaged over 2 activies per day!

This project started in April when there was so much uncertainty. So much has changed in the past 8 weeks, and while Run Waterloo has been primarily focused on mass scale refunds, we have also been constantly reading, learning, and evaluating the situation. While we won’t be hosting events soon, we do have lots more projects set to launch, starting this week.

The start and finish spot.


  • Christopher Graham May 30, 2020 6:08 pm

    Thanks for doing this. It was lots of fun. And thanks to everyone who participated!!

    • runwaterloo May 31, 2020 3:22 pm

      Thanks for participating Christopher! You were a major contributor!

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