The Elites of the 2019 Fall Classic

The Fall 5 KM Classic is fast from start to finish. The downhill course adds that beautiful asterisk to everyone’s time, and with the talented athletes up front, we can’t overstate how FAST this will actually be.

Our elite coordinator Alex Ullman has stacked the field to be the highest quality in race history, including Corey Bellemore, Mike Tate, Alex Cyr, Madeleine Kelly, Michael Gill, and Amanda McLeod!

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We’re also thrilled to welcome back from the 2018 podium Erin Mawhinney and Daniel Fournier. Here’s our list of who to watch for on Sunday:

Alex Cyr14:282018 AO Outdoor champs 5,000mMaleAuthor of Runners of the Nish
Amanda McLeod18:022018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMasters FemaleRun Waterloo masters record holder
Andrew Aguanno1:09:562018 Detroit International Half MarathonMale
Andrew Nebel3:492018 London Distance Series 1,500mMale
Ben Devito3:462018 Hamilton Twilight 1,500mMale
Brendan Hancock15:432018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMale
Christopher Moore15:422018 ENDURrace Doubleheader 5kMale
Corey Bellemore3:392019 Göteborg 1,500mMaleWorld beer mile record holder
Daniel Fournier14:592018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMale
Darryl Huras16:512018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMasters Male
Dave Harmsworth17:252018 ENDURrace 5KMasters Male
Dem Neumann16:542018 Fall 5 KM Classic 5KMasters Male
Dominika Jamnicky35:262019 Peach Bud 10kFemaleRepresented Canada at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Erin Mawhinney17:112018 Fall 5 KM ClassicFemale
Gillian Willard17:432017 Fall 5 KM ClassicFemale
Graham Stonebridge15:582018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMale
Grant Wignall15:232018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMale
Isabella Thornton-Bott4:212019 Sydney 1,500mFemaleRepresented Australia at regional championships in 2018
Jason Weppler32:542018 Sporting Life Toronto 10kMasters Male
Jonathan Fugelsang16:402018 Fall 5 KM Classic 5KMasters Male
Jonathan Redfearn15:252018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMale
Jose Fuentes16:162018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMasters Male
Kevin Moore15:572016 Run for the Grapes 5kMale
Liyang Wang15:452019 Forest City 5kMale
Madeleine Kelly4:142019 Bryan Clay Invitational 1,500mFemale2019 Canadian 800m champion
Michael Gill14:44Hamilton Last Chance 5,000Masters MaleOntario masters 10,000m record holder
Mike Tate13:342017 Palo Alto 5,000mMaleRepresented Canada at World Cross Country Championships in 2019
Mitch Free1:12:482018 Chilly Half MarathonMasters Male
Nathan Flach4:062019 OUA Championships 1,500mMale
Robert Brouillette1:10:392019 Chilly Half MarathonMale
Robert Lawand14:442019 Forest City 5kMale
Robyn Collins1:24:542019 Harvest Half MarathonMasters Female
Roger Ordoño15:442019 Criterium CampmanyMale
Sean Delanghe32:402019 Sporting Life Toronto 10KMale
Susanne Darling19:232018 Fall 5 KM ClassicMasters Female