Member Achievements

Run Waterloo Member Achievements

Achievements are statistical honours earned by Run Waterloo members over their running career. Each Achievement is displayed proudly on the member’s results profile with a beautiful badge designed by Aubs & Mugg.

These three categories recognize a variety of loyalty, series, and performance Achievements, and were launched on May 22, 2017.


To earn a Loyalty Achievement, a member has shown true commitment to the Run Waterloo community. This loyalty is displayed proudly on the member profile with these distinctive banner shapes.

Total Kilometres

Criteria: The distance raced in timed events, scaled from a minimum of 100 km to over 2,000 km.
Design: This bold banner illustrates the accumulation of kilometres as the badge level increases.
Notable members: Vicki Zandbergen is the only member with the highest level. Joanne Bink is approximately 200km from the maximum level.

km-100  km-250  km-500  km-1000  km-2000

Waterloo Classic Finisher

Criteria: Each Waterloo Classic finish for any timed event counts for this Achievement, for which badges start at 5 finishes.
Design: Participation in this flagship event is recognized with this prestigious badge, and this honour is reflected in a dramatic and colourful badge design.
Notable member: With 38 finishes, Aidan Kelly holds a commanding lead in these levels.

waterloo-classic-finisher-5  waterloo-classic-finisher-10  waterloo-classic-finisher-20  waterloo-classic-finisher-40

Founding Member

Criteria: All Run Waterloo members as of June 18, 2017 are Founding Members. This date is the 40th anniversary of the Waterloo 10 KM Classic and the first since the membership program was launched.
Design: This badge uses the Run Waterloo brand colours and bold shapes to demonstrate that members are the fabric of the Run Waterloo community.


Inaugural Participant

Criteria: Every finisher of a timed event at the first running of an annual race earns the corresponding Inaugural Achievement. In cases where Run Waterloo has rebooted or otherwise brought a race into the fold, it is defined as the first running in the Run Waterloo results database.
Design: Supporting a race from Day 1 is an exceptional feat and is recognized with these distinctive banners that say, “I was there.”
Notable members: George Aitkin, Elaine MowbrayLloyd Schmidt, and Geoff Todd all hold the most exclusive Achievement of all: the Inaugural 1978 Waterloo Classic.

inaugural-waterloo-classic  inaugural-fall-classic  inaugural-re-fridgee-eighter  inaugural-endurrun  inaugural-endurrace  inaugural-laurier-loop  inaugural-rememberrun  inaugural-dirty-dash  inaugural-santa-pur-suit  inaugural-baden-road-races  inaugural-harvest  inaugural-pancake  inaugural-downtown-kitchener  inaugural-runway  inaugural-kitchener-kids-with-cancer-run  inaugural-riverside-roughly  inaugural-musagetes  


A series is more than a sum of its events, and a series completion is now recognized with these circular badges.

ENDURrun Ultimate Finisher

Criteria: Completing the ENDURrun Ultimate series earns a member this Achievement, which scales with more finishes.
Design: This Achievement badge scales to show a true dedication to endurance running.
Notable members: A dozen or so members have achieved the 5-9 badge. Jack Kilislian, Maureen Pecknold, and Vicki Zandbergen have the chance to earn this glorious 10+ badge in 2020.

endurrun-ultimate-finisher-1  endurrun-ultimate-finisher-2  endurrun-ultimate-finisher-5  endurrun-ultimate-finisher-10

Battle of Waterloo Finisher

Criteria: Each BOW series completion earns a member that unique Achievement.
Design: Each edition of Run Waterloo’s series championship is unique, and is now captured in these bold and unique badge designs.

bow-finisher-i  bow-finisher-ii  bow-finisher-iii  bow-finisher-iv  bow-finisher-v

ENDURrace Combined Finisher

Criteria: Completing the ENDURrace Combined series earns a member this Achievement, which scales with more finishes.
Design: This Achievement badge adds a burst of colour to your member profile, as the ENDURrace adds a pop of speed to your spring racing season.
Notable members: David Read and Dave Rutherford are the only members to have achieved the maximum level.



Performance Achievements recognize outstanding race results.

10k Standards

Criteria: This Achievement defines five time-based 10k levels for men and women.
Design: Reaching progressively faster standards is reflected in this abstractly cumulative badge design.
Notable member: Wayne Riley is the closest member to the top level: a mere 11 seconds shy.

Men’s standards:

10-km-50-m  10-km-41-m  10-km-37-m  10-km-33-m  10-km-31-m

Women’s standards:

10-km-50-f  10-km-45-f  10-km-41-f  10-km-37-f  10-km-35-f

5k Standards

Criteria: This Achievement defines five time-based 5k levels for men and women.
Design: Reaching progressively faster standards is reflected in this abstractly cumulative badge design. The men’s sub-25 minute achievement was updated on October 4, 2017.
Notable members: Erin McClureTarah Korir and Adam Hortian have all achieved the highest standard.

Men’s standards:

5-km-15-m  5-km-16-m  5-km-18-m  5-km-20-m  

Women’s standards:

5-km-17-f  5-km-18-f  5-km-20-f  5-km-22-f  5-km-25-f

Event Winner

Criteria: The first man and woman across the finish line on any event day are Event Winners, and any member can earn this Achievement badge once per race.
Design: Breaking the tape is an essential racing accomplishment, and is honoured with these badges.
Notable members: Robert Brouillette and Adam Hortian have each earned seven of these badges.

event-winner-waterloo-classic  event-winner-santa-pur-suit  event-winner-runway  event-winner-riverside-roughly  event-winner-rememberrun  event-winner-re-fridgee-eighter  event-winner-pancake  event-winner-musagetes  event-winner-laurier-loop  event-winner-kitchener-kids-with-cancer-run  event-winner-harvest  event-winner-fall-classic  event-winner-endurrun  event-winner-endurrace  event-winner-downtown-kitchener  event-winner-dirty-dash  event-winner-baden-road-races