Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sick/my plans have changed/can my friend run for me?

Entries are neither refundable nor transferable. We would love to see you at our event – so please register when you know for sure you can come!

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the courses.

Are headphones allowed?

Headphones are discouraged but not disallowed. However, participants may be disqualified if they do not follow the instructions of marshals.

What is a “fun run”?

Fun runs are not timed and not awarded. Check the race description – usually a 2.5km run is a fun run.

I missed the awards – can I get my medal?

One week after an event, unclaimed medals will be available at Runners’ Choice in Waterloo, and they will be kept there for one month.

Which races have participation medals?

Every finisher of the Waterloo Classic, ENDURrace, ENDURrun Ultimate, and Harvest Half Marathon receives a medal for completion.  All of our other races have awards as described on the entry form.

Are there any t-shirts left?

This is a difficult question to answer, because we collect entries both online and by paper. Sometimes there is a lag in the number of entries posted online – we ensure that the t-shirts are distributed by order of registration.  The only sure way to guarantee yours is to register early!

I’m having problems with online registration. What do I do?

Please call RaceRoster: 1-888-749-3028.

Where can I find the entry form downloads?

At the “Print” link, above.

It’s my first race, what should I expect?

That’s great!  We’ve got a whole list of things to consider for your first race.  Have a great race!

How do I train?

Great question.  For that, we will refer you to our friends at Runners’ Choice – they have the right group to get you going!

What does my time mean? (GUN vs CHIP)

There are two different types of times: CHIP and GUN.

Your CHIP time will be the time from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line.  Your GUN  time will be the time from the starting gun to when you cross the finish line.  Your OFFICIAL time is your GUN time, which is used for race awards.  Your CHIP time is for your own personal information. Some events have different timing policies which are clearly stated on Race Roster (eg. Laurier Loop 2.5k, DTKMile, ENDURrun Time Trials).

Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we do – check them out here.

How are the events timed?

Events are timed by Chip Time Results.

Are the distances certified?

All road race courses are certified.  Trail courses are not certified.
Measurement and certification is a careful process and is overseen by Athletics Canada and Athletics Canada/Run Canada National Certifier Bernard Conway, IAAF/AIMS Grade A Measurer, USATF/RRTC Final Signatory.

Can someone else pick up my kit?

We allow friends and family to pick up kits, with ID.

Will there be somewhere to leave my bag?

We have secure, designated areas for bag drop at every race, although liability is not assumed.

What is your discount policy?

We offer many types of discounts to fit many needs – family, group, club, earlybird, corporate, and the flagship Member Discount.

Do you have a policy on race crashing?

Race crashers (“bandits”) are not allowed, regardless of the size of the event. Inflexibly, insurance requires that all participants sign a waiver. If discovered, the penalty for race crashing could include removal from future events.

A race crasher or “bandit” is defined as any unregistered person who does any of the following:

  • crosses the start or finish line of a race
  • counterfeits a bib to avert suspicion
  • consumes any event resources

Guardians running a fun run with child who have signed a waiver are not considered bandits.

We offer many opportunities for waiver-free running, and many types of discounts for families and groups. Race crashing is unfair to legitimate participants, sponsors, and partners of organized events.