Member spotlight: 2019 Boost winners

This month, we’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on four members, each of whom won their demographic in the 2019 Boost.

What is Boost? It’s a free program for all members based on friendly competition. Earn Points, win bragging rights and great swag. Learn more.

Jennifer and William are a husband-wife team from Kitchener (“The Fast and the Flatulent”) who each gained their lead in the fall. Both Ian and Robyn won their demographic in 2018 as well, and were leading since the early part of the year.

All four of these runners adds so much to our community and we’re happy to have them as Boost winners. We caught up with the four winners for a lunch this winter and put together this look into their experience in Boost.

Jennifer Krauskopf – Female under 40

The Boost program motivates me to set new running goals every year, like trying different distances (anywhere from 2.5k to 21.1k), and chasing after new personal bests.  The Boost prizes are great motivators as well!
The Boost program has also introduced me to fellow RW members that I didn’t personally know before Boost started. The fun and ‘friendly’ competition within the Boost program brings RW members closer together by working towards common goals.  I always look forward to seeing my “RW friends” at every race.
My goal this year, and pretty much every year, is to make at least top 5 in my demographic, and get as many PB’s as I can.  Also, I plan to start volunteering with RW so I can start giving back to this amazing organization that has done soo much for myself and our community. 

William Krauskopf – Male over 40

Boost takes an already fun and competitive sport to so many different levels. The biggest for me is that it keeps me accountable to my training. Whenever I don’t want to go out for a training run, I think about how I need to PB the next race for the Boost points. 
Boost levels the playing field. No matter your skill level, Boost rewards your personal improvement with PB Booster, and your loyalty to the series with the Ditto Booster. All prize levels are attainable by every member. 
Boost creates a fun atmosphere of friendly rivalry.  I have met and talked to more members in the past 2 years, and that is all thanks to the Boost program.  We are all happy to see each other be successful.  
My goals for this year are to continue strive towards my goal of a sub 20 5k. And to give back to my running community by volunteering at events I’m not competing in. 

Robyn Collins – Female over 40

Boost is a lot of fun. It’s always in the back of my mind all year and helps motivate me to race more and try my best. I always look forward to seeing all my friends and meeting new people at RW events. My goals for 2020 are to volunteer more and hopefully continue to get personal bests.

Ian Grzegorczyk – Male under 40

RW boost is always been a fun extra bonous to the already wonderful series of races. I am a sticker for competition and body allows for an additional year long challenge. I’ll be back to try and defend the boost title in 2020. There are a lot of other talented and dedicated runners in the region and I look forward to the stiff competition.

We’re looking forward to a bigger and better Boost again in 2020. Stay tuned for the prizing launch this spring. And watch out in 2020 as Jennifer has moved up into the 40+ demographic!


  • Jen Krauskopf January 22, 2020 2:33 pm

    Love this! Thanks Jordan🙏 Soo incredibly honored to be a part of the RW community.

  • Marius January 25, 2020 10:33 am

    Congrats to all winners! Well done!

    • Jen Krauskopf January 25, 2020 9:08 pm

      Thanks Marius!

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