Congratulations to our inaugural Boost winners

We took great care in the winter of 2018 to design a program that was unique, fun, and fit with our Run Waterloo experience. Based on your feedback, we are thrilled with how RW Boost went last year.

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One year and thousands of results later, and we’re ready to give out thousands of dollars in great prizes!

Level 1 – Member t-shirt

In total, 125 members earned this prize by collecting at least 800 points in 2018. This exclusive RW branded shirt is only worn by these 125 winners.

Level 2 – Member hoodie

The top 15 members in each demographic earn this sweet hoodie.

(T-shirts and hoodies will both be distributed at and after the Re-Fridgee-Eighter race.)

Level 3 – 2019 RW Membership

The entire leaderboard earned free 2019 memberships. This is a great perk for our most loyal runners.

Level 4 – Saucony shoes

The top prize for the program was a pair of Saucony shoes.

Huge congratulations to our demographic winners, Rebecca Kruisselbrink, Ian Grzegorczyk, Robyn Collins, and Dave Harmsworth. Each of these athletes possesses a common set of traits, including running at least 8 races, across a variety of distances, and had an outstanding year of personal results in 2019.


We asked the winners (pictured above) for a quote to help us promote the program:

  • Dave: I really like the idea of having a season-long competition for RW members.
  • Robyn: I found the Boost program extremely motivating to train harder!
  • Rebecca: A unique addition to an already fantastic, generous, and community-centric running organization.
  • Ian: Boost is a fun event alongside Run Waterloo’s race circuit where we can compete for bragging rights and running swag.

We hoped Boost would be all of these things, and it turned out pretty well!

Boost in 2019

We aren’t changing any scoring aspects of the program for 2019, but we are going to re-think the prizing scheme. Details will be announced in the spring.

For any new or prospective Run Waterloo member, this is just one of the highlights of the program. In addition to great discounts and online tools, this program is a fun way to stay engaged, meet new people, and earn some fantastic prizes. Consider joining the Run Waterloo membership for 2019.