Now accepting 2019 memberships

We are now accepting memberships for the 2019 calendar year.

Join Run Waterloo in 2019

If you’re new to this program, there are so many reasons why we want you to join, and it’s far more than the financial support for community initiatives. The membership gives you access to good, flexible discounts that can help you to quickly earn your membership fee back. Beyond that, three free races (!!), and incredible member results profiles, including features such as Member Achievements and member photo tagging, and this little thing we like to call RW Boost.

This program is back for its third year in 2019. Over the past two years, the top pieces of feedback we received from members about the membership program were variations of “this is way undervalued” and “I wish I had signed up sooner!

We had just over 300 members in 2017, and added more than 150 more in 2018. Let’s get back at it; join us in 2019!

The Run Waterloo Member Benefits:

  • 20% off all Run Waterloo events
  • 20% off at Runners’ Choice Waterloo (retail prices, excluding electronics)
  • Free entry to all Run Pure & Simple events
  • Entry to RW Boost competition and prizing
  • Member profile on
  • More exclusive perks throughout the year! (Past perks have included member bibs, monthly calendars, various discounts such as H+P club memberships and Dratyon theatre tickets, and things that are now core parts of the membership, including Achievements and RW Boost. More is planned for 2019!)

Notes about renewal

For all 2018 members, to renew, simply sign up again to the new Race Roster club. You will receive a new Race Roster code that will work for all 2018 events. Make sure to do this by January, because member profiles will expire on January 31, 2019, if they are not renewed. After January 31, member profiles will be re-activated at any time upon renewal, which will retroactively apply to features such as Achievements and photo tagging.

Pricing and discounts

Prices are the same as in 2017 and 2018: $50 for adults, $25 for youth, seniors and students, and free for young children. More details are available at the Race Roster page.

The only change we are making to the structure of the program for 2019 is reducing the member discount from 25% to 20%. Part of it is to align with the Runners’ Choice store discount, part of it is avoiding all of the prices that involve quarters (coins) at registrations, but it’s really about giving us the flexibility to do some more really exciting stuff for members. Ultimately this will reduce member savings by about $2 per race.