RW Boost is a membership program that was launched on February 7, 2018. It will be back again in 2019. 

Run Fast. Run Often. Get Points. This is the key to competing in RW Boost, and earning great rewards along the way!

The Rules

These are the criteria for earning points. See below for definitions of these new terms.

  • Running in a timed event earns you points for that event.
    • Your score is calculated as Participation + Merit + Boosters
    • All of these points are worth maximum of 100 and are all cumulative, so in theory, the maximum score for a timed finish is 300 points, and the minimum score for a timed finish is 100.
  • Only your top 8 finishes count.
    • Of these, only four can be ENDURrun Stages.
    • After you have finished and counted 8 events, a further higher score will count, as it will bump out your lowest event total.
  • For standings and prizing, you are only competing against runners in your own Demographic.

Glossary of RW Boost Terms

We know this is new, and there’s lots to learn to get up to speed!

  • Participation: 100 for finishing a timed event.
  • Merit: Maximum of 100 points, based on your gender percentile.
    • Gender Percentile: How merit scores are calculated. You score merit points based on your percentile in your gender. The precise formula is (1 – (gender place / gender finishers)) * 100 and holds all decimals.
  • Booster: Any of three types of bonus points. Boosters are additive, so 100 Booster points is possible.
    • Classic Booster: 50 points for finishing a Waterloo Classic or Fall Classic event.
    • PB Booster: 30 points for earning a RW personal best in any distance. This uses gun time and only applies to times at Run Waterloo events. Your first time running a distance is a PB. This does not count ties – you have to beat a previous PB.
    • Ditto Booster: 20 points for finishing a race that you also finished the previous year (any distance).
  • Demographic (Dem): Four groupings  for standings and prizing: men/women, under 40/over 40.
  • Leaderboard: The top 5 people in any Demographic at any given time.
  • Score Report: A customized description of all points earned by a member, found by clicking their Points Total on the standings.


  • This covers the entire 2018 calendar year, starting with Re-Fridgee-Eighter and concluding with Musagetes Five.
  • This is only available to members who have not opted out of the membership profile. There is no cost and no signup – all 2018 members are automatically enrolled and will start earning points with their first timed finish, as soon as results are available.
  • The deadline for access to this competition is April 30, 2018. As of this date, all 2018 RW members with a membership profile will earn full credit for all 2018 races to that point. After this date, anyone who signs up for a 2018 membership (or opts back in to a membership profile) will not be included in RW Boost standings or rewards.


Four levels of rewards are available based on performance. The rewards were announced on April 11.