2017 Laurier Loop

Laurier Loop 2017

Falling in the few days between St. Patrick’s Day and the official start of spring, this year’s Laurier Loop gave us a preview to the spring weather that is soon to come!

The 10th Annual Laurier Loop was also the second edition to take place at its new time (March) and location (central campus), both of which make it an exciting addition to the local running calendar.

Great weather and a smoother course led to four new records being set: Patrick MacKinnon took over 30 seconds off the previous 5km record, while Bettina Boucher ran more than a minute faster than the previous women’s record. In fact, the top 3 male and female finishers this year posted the 3 fastest times in the history of the Laurier Loop! In addition, Lumi Duca set a new master’s female 10km record of 45:07 and Laurier Cross Country set a new school record in the 5km.

Huge thanks to the volunteers, Wilfrid Laurier University and the Laurier Kin Kouncil, and everyone who raised funds for the Sun Life Centre for Physically Active Communities.

Congratulations to Terry Edwards and Nicole Attwood, who ran this race for free by winning entries from Michael Hewitson – My Next KW Race! Be sure to check in next month for a chance to win a free entry to Economical ENDURrace!

Over 1,400 free photos are posted to our Flickr page, but yours are tagged directly to your name in the results. Check it out!

Our next event before Economical ENDURrace is the Pancake Mile. We hope to see you again soon!