Top4Takeaways from our day at Run4Another

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What was Run Waterloo up to this morning? Here’s a recap of our day at Run4Another at Bechtel Park in Waterloo.

1. Countdown from Uganda.

The special guest starters were 30 children in Uganda. Having One4Another patients at the race (by phone) brought all aspects of this event into one touching moment.

2. Spring day on great trails.

We love running in Bechtel Park. Sure it started out a bit wet, but that’s part of the fun of spending time in nature. It didn’t dampen any spirits, and by the end the sun was peeking out on a happy group of runners.

3. It’s not all about the racing.

We often use various medals, prize money, winner photos, chip times, certified courses, etc. to celebrate athletic accomplishment, and for good reason. But today was strictly about the experience, which by design makes the connection to the cause even more poignant.

4. A community that cares about making a difference.

This is a motivated community of real, local people who care about the difference that One4Another is making in children’s lives in Uganda. The spirit is strong, and the Run Waterloo members we talked to loved this new opportunity. Everyone is excited to see this grow – both One4Another, which has gone from 6 surgeries in 2012 to 260 last year – and for Run4Another – which set new watermarks of 243 participants and over $28,000 (and counting) raised in 2018.

Sneak Peek: 2018 Run4Another

From witnessing this growth over the past few years, to jumping on board as a partner…what a ride! Fundraising is still open online for the next few days.

Congratulations to Glenn, Wendy, and the entire team at One4Another for executing such a powerful and successful event. Everyone had a great day, and we know who the real winners are.