The top 10.549 reasons to run a Quarter Marathon

680The first ever Harvest Half (and Quarter) Marathon is September 13, 2014 in St. Clements. Have you ever thought about running a quarter marathon? Consider these 10.549 reasons:

#1: It’s more, but not too much more

Do you want more than a 10k, but not too much more? This is the race – it’s only 549m longer than a 10k!

#2: Automatic PB

Since it’s longer than the 10k, you can’t judge it against your previous 10k times. It will almost definitely be faster than you’ve ever raced a quarter marathon before!

#3: It’s rare

There are a few in the US and another in Durham in July, but that’s pretty much it. This is a unique opportunity!

#4: It’s trendy

#5: The metrics

It’s half a half, or literally a quarter of a marathon. It’s an easy calculation to see what your half or full marathon efforts could be…

#6: It really is just a novelty

For elite runners, there isn’t a real quarter marathon championships, competition or even record. It is literally just for fun!

#7: Aim big!

If you achieve your 10k time in a quarter marathon, that’s a big improvement. For example, if your 10k time is 50:00 and you run 50:00 in a quarter marathon, that means your 10k split was 47:24!

#8: Extra prizes

Stack your times for extra prizes or just for fun. There are awards categories for any combination of marathon (eg. 4 quarters, 2 halves, or 1 half and 2 quarters).

#9: Extra incentive

The quarter marathon starts at the same time as the half marathon, at the halfway point of the half marathon. You’ve got a 10.549m head start, and some of the faster half marathoners might run in the mid 70 minutes – try not to get passed!

#10: Whet your appetite

If one of your bucket-list items is to run a marathon, put the word “marathon” on your résumé with the quarter, and build from there! Maybe try the half next year, and a full marathon by 2016?


OK, this last .549 of a reason is a bit of a cheat: it’s all of the reasons why you want to run the Harvest Half (and Quarter) Marathon on September 13:
Harvest-Half-Marathon-Logo-V2– great food (corn on the cob!)
– a great charity (Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada)
– the great sponsors
– a great venue and course (flat gravel roads in Wellesley Township), and
– a great pre-race pasta dinner with Krista DuChene!

We hope to see you there!