Everything you need to know about 2018 registrations

On January 1, Run Waterloo opened registration for most of our 2018 calendar. What do you need to know?

Event and pricing changes in 2018

  • We have dropped the price on one-quarter of our 2018 events!
  • We added a new, fourth, lower price break for both of our two Classic events.
  • Some races have been streamlined through event reductions (Runway untimed, two Laurier Loop relays, and Santa Pur-suit 5k), and we are putting the Dirty Dash on hiatus for 2018.

Make sure to have you 2018 membership in order

  • The Run Waterloo membership is about contributing to the community, and so much more!
  • The savings (25% on ALL events) and flexibility (can be used right up until race day), make this one of our most popular programs! Join the Run Waterloo membership community in 2018.

Mystery event announcements still to come

  • The slate of events you see are great, but they’re not all!
  • We are launching a duathlon in Baden, and have three other mystery events on their way. Stay tuned for further announcements and registrations.

Register on January 1 to SAVE and WIN

  • January 1 was our 2018 Bonanza – the lowest prices of the year with great promo codes for some popular races.
  • But it’s more than discounts – we’re giving away a race t-shirt design quilt and a pair of Saucony shoes too!
  • We will conduct these draws in the first week in January!

We have put together a great calendar for 2018 and we hope you join us!

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  • Jen January 1, 2018 12:54 pm

    2018 is looking to be a great running year. Cant wait!

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