Happiness is running with a good friend …

There is nothing more motivating than meeting up with good friend for a sweat session. To me, the kilometers just don’t seem as long when I have a good friend to talk to by my side.

Since I got into running in 2012, I’ve met a lot great people, many of them I now consider some of my closest friends. I love the proverb, if you want to run fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together … well the second part I can confirm is true. Although I have to say my friends have pushed me to be faster as well! 

So what are friends for?

They push me to keep going when I want to quit, they get me started when I’m thinking I’m too tired or too busy to start and most of all they challenge me to always keep pushing to improve. If it weren’t for my running friends I’m not sure I’d still be running today.

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