Results FAQ is our proprietary results site. We built it to introduce custom results features and to continue to innovate your results experience.

We know the site is richer than you might expect, and that you may have questions. We hope this helps!

Why are some names hyperlinked?

We have a very successful membership program with over 700 members. The perks of this program are many, and one of the most visible are the profiles that are hyperlinked in the results.

Where can I find photos?

Anywhere you see the camera icon, there are photos tagged in Flickr. If Flickr doesn’t display the photos, it is a Flickr error that can sometimes be solved by refreshing, but otherwise by waiting. Photos are not always available.

Where can I find video?

Anywhere you see a video camera icon, there is finish line video. When the video camera is beside a result, the video will be the finish line video for the participant. This is not available at every race.

How do I report an error or submit a correction?
There is a “Submit Correction” button on every event result page. Click that button to submit the form. We truly care about any error, no matter how small: spelling mistakes, suspected errors, whatever you notice we are happy to investigate and correct.
How do I know if I earned an award medal?
Award medals don’t always follow the published categories, due to our policy of no duplication. Learn more about this here, and every event with award medals includes this handy award medal list.

What do the all of the icons mean?

We use a number of icons on the site to communicate information. Besides photo and video, we also use trophies to indicate 1st overall, and medals to indicate 2nd, 3rd, and 1st master.

What is Boost?

Boost is a social competition for RW members. “Run fast. Run often. Earn points. Win stuff.” This program is free and offers thousands of dollars in free swag to our membership. Follow along race by race.

What is the Member Spotlight and how does it work?
Every day at midnight, a new active member profile with both results and a profile photo is randomly selected to display on the homepage.
What are the acronyms and abbreviations?

OA: Overall (top 3 in any gender)
G: Gender (male and female)
GP: Gender Place (ranking within the G)
Cat: Category (eg. Male 50-59 years)
CP: Category Place (ranking within Cat)

Which results are included?
The site includes all timed races under Run Waterloo, including the entire history of the Waterloo 10 KM Classic back to 1978. The site does not include past versions of races that are now inside Run Waterloo, such previous years of the Rotary Classic Superhero Run, or past editions of re-booted races such as the Fridgee Eighter or the original (1980s) Oktoberfest Run.
How are the races timed?
Most races are timed by our friends at Chitptime Results. Some races (ENDURrun and Run Pure + Simple) are hand timed by great volunteers.
What is the difference between 'Gun' time and 'Chip' time?

Your CHIP time is the time from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line (available where chip mats are at the start line). Your GUN  time will be the time from the starting gun to when you cross the finish line. Your OFFICIAL time is your GUN time, which is used for race awards. Your CHIP time is for your own personal information. Some events have different timing policies which are clearly stated on the race pages (eg. Laurier Loop 2.5k, DTKMile, and several ENDURrun Stages).

Do you have further questions?

Drop us a line at [email protected] and we could add your question to this FAQ.