Introducing event highlights

We made a small (but fun!) update to this week.

What’s new? Icons to highlight outstanding results – race winners and member PBs – directly in the results, and a few other places too!

And this is how it looks in the results:

Race winners

The results award a gold trophy for 1st overall, silver medal for 2nd overall, bronze medal for 3rd overall, and a gold medal for 1st master.

These especially draw attention to winners not just at the top of the results, but throughout. For example, the top women and masters typically aren’t positioned at the very top of the event view.

Member PBs

We also note if the time is a “Run Waterloo PB” at that distance for each member.

For RW members, this is just one of many online perks, including the member profile, Achievements, RW Boost, photo tagging, and feature spotlight. (Learn more about the RW membership.)

Some interesting fine details

  • These icons stack, so a master who places top 3 overall earns two icons.
  • They also stack with the ENDURrun relay team icons. Here is an example of Robyn Collins earning all four icons in one event.
  • Because these stack, they align with the results filters, and not necessarily the medal distribution. Stay tuned for a detailed look into our award distribution over the winter.
  • A member PB icon is exactly the same as a PB in Boost!
  • These icons appear on all results all the way back to 1978.

We think they look sharp, and we love how they help us visualize the data in new ways.

We’re constantly innovating our results and we’ve got some fun and useful stuff coming up in 2020. We’re always happy to take your thoughts and suggestions too!