Statement on anti-black racism

Staying silent is not neutral. Simply being “not racist” is not enough. Our silence is equal to the anti-black discrimination that is so pervasive in every aspect of Canadian life. It is what we do at this time that is more critical in the fight to dismantle racism than any words we could speak.

Run Waterloo recognizes that our Waterloo running community is not as diverse as the Waterloo community at large. We love running and all the ways it enriches our lives physically, socially and spiritually. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the same joy we do when we lace up. We are committed to reducing systemic barriers to participation and opening the sport of running to a diverse field of athletes that reflects the community we live in.

Run Waterloo is in the beginning phases of launching a Diversity program, and I joined the team as the Diversity Coordinator last fall. Racial diversity is on our agenda. Other groups of marginalized people are also on our mind as we consider what we can do to advance gender diversity, financial accessibility, body positivity, and more.

Unfortunately, due to the necessary restrictions to combat COVID-19, we are not currently operating races and many of our initiatives are on hold. When organized in-person running events are possible again, we hope that our efforts make a difference.

If you have questions or feedback regarding our Diversity program please reach out to me