Sun shines on the 22nd Re-Fridgee-Eighter

What a start to our 2019 racing year! Thanks to everyone for racing with us at the 22nd Re-Fridgee-Eighter.


Thousands of free race photos will be posted in the coming days. The first sneak peek at 20 photos have been uploaded to Flickr and tagged directly to the results. Check it out!
SNEAK PEEK: 2019 Re-Fridgee-Eighter

After two years of slippery roads, this unpredictable winter gave us a gorgeous day with clear roads and sunshine. Here’s to a great spring of training and racing!

As athletes prepare for spring races of varying distances, this race is used by many runners of all levels as an opportunity to shake off some rust and get into a race environment. Congratulations to all finishers! We have been fortunate to see talented athletes join the field over the years and throw fast times despite the conditions.

Re-Fridgee-Eighter runners fundraised at least $2,000 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Thank you to all donors and fundraisers, especially Brandon Shoniker for raising one quarter of the total!


The featured 8 Mile was won by Rachel Hannah (47:27) and Adam Hortian (41:23), both top-3-fastest times in race history. For Rachel, this is her second race with Run Waterloo since 2013 Oktoberfest, and for Adam, this is his 12th win, although first in the 8 miler.

We also sponsored a fun team challenge for H+P and it delivered. Congrats to Team Ian M who won the 8 mile team battle!

8 km results
The 8k event was won by Robyn Collins (12th win) and Sean Delanghe (11th win), both of Health + Performance.

This was also the first year we have timed the 3k event. Congratulations to all the finishers and the whole new set of records!

RW Boost

If you noticed a lot of RW swag around today, there’s a good reason for that. This goes back to 2018, when we launched a major new program called RW Boost. It’s a fun competition that doubles as a great loyalty rewards program. Today we gave out hundreds of prizes earned in 2018.

RW Boost: Run Fast – Run Often – Get Points. It’s back in 2019 – congrats to the members who got the first leaderboard spots in 2018. Don’t miss out, join our membership today and make 2019 your best year yet! The 2019 Boost prizes will be launched this spring. 

Race for Free

The only thing better than the runners high from a race is doing it for free! Did you know that our friend Michael Hewitson gives out entries each month? Congrats to Joyce Benninger and Jill Malleck who raced for free today from January’s contest. The next My Next KW Race contest is already underway … participate today for a chance to win a free relay team to our March race, the Laurier Loop!