Member Spotlight – Kristy Goss

We last checked in with Kristy Goss in 2016 when the run streak hit 365 days. Kristy has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we thought this was a good month to catch up in our monthly Member Spotlight!

Thanks for doing this. Let’s start with some general info questions.

Top advice for someone looking to start running: Find a begin to run group and just show up. Don’t overthink it, start where you are and build from there! Don’t get discouraged if it feels hard at first, running IS hard, but its also extremely rewarding.

Tips for overcoming the challenges of work/life/training balance? I cross train at 5am twice a week, and get up with the sun on weekends for the longest runs & bike rides of the week. Weekday running is on local trails between where I work & live, before my son gets off the school bus. Sometimes I just run the 8k home from work, and run or ride my bike back later on to pick up my car after supper. I can be regularly seen racing the school bus down my street just to squeeze in as much training time as I can. Every minute counts. Sometimes I’m not hitting the track for speed workouts until after dark. You make it work if you want to, even if its not ideal.

You run alone a lot. What are your key tips? Am I afraid to run alone? NO, and neither should you! But there are a few things you NEED to be mindful of for sure when it comes to running alone:

  • The internet: While the online community for runners has exploded over the last few years, be cautious of local one on one meetups. Hide your run start/end locations on Strava if you’re often starting/ending at the same place/your house. Don’t be predictable and get caught in an awkward or dangerous situation.
  • Run during the day when you can, on well traveled, populated routes.
  • Gear: Always wear bright reflective clothing when possible. Wear the right type of footwear for the terrain. Zero (or one) earbuds, so you can pay attention to your surroundings – note anything that seems out of place. Wear a watch. Wear clothes with pockets for your phone in case you get lost/hurt. Also great for pre-ordering pizza to arrive home when you do.
  • Be Prepared: Know where you’re going/take a map/picture of the map at the trailhead. Take water/gels/blocks especially in the summer. Invest in a pack or a lightweight handheld bottle that carries 8-12oz of water, room for gels & your car key etc.
  • Run with a friend if you can because its amazing to connect with others and build relationships with like minded people in the community. Build up your own support network in case you need motivation/help achieving your goals. Check your local running store for info on training groups. Talk to people at races. Volunteer at races!
  • Know how to protect yourself, martial arts are great cross training anyway, right? Don’t stop to talk to people you don’t know, even if they have a super cute dog or look like they’re in trouble. You can call for help from your car if you’re worried.

How about the post-run routine: I always encourage everyone to hang around after a group run and decompress with a beer. (I love getting a Waterloo Brewing Amber after the Classic & Fall Classic. It’s an awesome beer! Such a great post race reward; but if you passed me a Steamwhistle, or a 3 Speed I wouldn’t say no.) It’s a great time to relax, laugh and pick each other’s brains about training, injuries, races, strategy, nutrition etc. People need more people time. I stretch anything that feels off or tight. Melting onto my mat at Modo Yoga Cambridge or Waterloo is heavenly after a run. If anything is bugging me later on; Epsom salt bath & foam rolling. Protein shake.

Now back to you: what are you up to in 2019 and how is the streak going? 

Run Streak Stats:
Started Dec 06, 2015
# of Days consecutive running: 1238 (as of April 26, 2019)
# of Kms run – 6300+

Three and a half years in, what is your continuing motivation? I love it; Running. And cycling. And yoga. And strength training. It’s my favourite. I want to be in control of my health and wellness, not the other way around.

What do you do when not running? Mostly thinking about running (just kidding if you’re reading this Dave…. ) Also, I’m married to Dave, have an 8 year old son, full time job, I teach yoga at two different places and have a hobby business. Before/after and in between all of the above; I cycle, do yoga & strength train. Sometimes I like to give the people at the local Y a laugh with my terrible swimming techniques aka swallowing water & gasping for air. I taught myself to swim so that I could do my first triathlon in 2017. I swallowed lots of water, got a bike penalty, almost exploded on the run and totally loved every minute of it. I did another one in 2018.

What do you think about while running? Mostly thinking about more running, I’m always dreaming big and coming up with new adventures while out on my long runs, and somehow have all of my biggest worries and problems solved by the time I land back on my front porch. On my speed workouts & hill reps I picture myself digging deep at my next race, and how my training will translate into crushing my goals. My coach Lisa Leskien challenges me constantly, and I love it, but sometimes not until long after, but hiring with her is the best thing I ever did. After 10 months I shaved 44 minutes off my marathon time. Every race in 2018 was a PB, but more importantly she’s built me up to be the strongest version of myself ever; physically and mentally.

Do you have a favourite type of running? There’s nothing that gets me excited more than technical single track (just kidding if you’re reading this Dave…), The Bruce Trail, and a muddy pair of trail shoes, my go to is the Hoka Challenger ATR (thiccc bois!) These provide the shock absorption and support I need; I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hip, & previously arthroscopy in my left knee. I’ve done 2 marathons and 2 ultramarathons. I also LOVE to race the 10k & half marathon distance on the road. Every distance poses its own unique challenges. My strategy for road races is always the same; go out too fast and hang on for dear life. Always leave it all out there. Saucony shoes are my road choice; the Liberty ISO are my current faves.

What’s up in 2019? Lisa & I have challenged ourselves to visit and run every GRCA park, conservation area and trail in 2019. Its our dirt version of the run every streets challenge! I’m only signed up for a handful of small races this year, but planning to run some end to end sections of the Bruce Trail that are between 50-80k at a time, and planning a rim to rim (to rim?!) trek in the Grand Canyon this fall for my 40th birthday. I’m also working through the donor application process to hopefully give a kidney to a family member. That’s my biggest and most important goal this year, everything else comes after/around that.

Last, you’ve been around RW a long time. 

Tell us about your first Run Waterloo Race: The Waterloo 10 KM Classic in 1992! My grade 7 gym teacher used to take a few of us girls out running before school on the country roads in Hickson and helped us register for that race. I ran cross country in high school too, I never tried to be competitive back then, I always just thought it was fun and I didn’t care if I did well or not, and they gave us chips after.

What is your favourite Run Waterloo race? The Remember Run was always my favourite because of the cause and the trail portion through Riverside Park, but its been a few years since I’ve been able to participate. They’re all awesome, really. I’ve never had a bad experience at a Run Waterloo race. Volunteering at a race is even more fun than running, put it on your list of things to do this year.

2018 ENDURrace 5k

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