New Member Achievement: 5k Standards!

In May, we launched a set of Member Achievements for Run Waterloo members to display proudly on their member profiles. Here is the latest addition to the collection. 

Just in time for the Fall 5 KM Classic – a new member achievement dedicated to the 5k.

5-km-25-f  5-km-20-m  5-km-15-m

Here is a sample of what these achievement badges, designed by Aubs & Mugg, look like. If you like what you see, check out the full set of Member Achievements!

For Run Waterloo members, this has automatically been added to your profile if you have achieved one of the standards. Standards start at sub-22 for men and sub-25 for women.

At launch, no male member has achieved the highest level of sub-15, but two women have achieved the sub-17: Erin McClure and Tarah Korir[Update: Adam Hortian reached the sub-15 standard on October 15, 2017.]

The Fall 5k Classic is so fast that it might be worth setting your sights even higher than usual! If you reach a new level, it will automatically update your profile.

See you on October 15!