RW cancellation outlook for spring 2020

You get a cancellation … you get a cancellation …

This post will be updated as more information is known. Latest update: April 7

It’s been a surreal few days, where activities such as running outdoors in pairs is in question. Stay safe everyone. This is the latest from us.

Laurier Loop (March 14) was cancelled with no refunds. This is a brutal reality of the situation and we hope this is the only time. Most runners took advantage of a hastily organized virtual run, and it was a lot of fun!

ENDURrace (April 25) is cancelled with full refunds. We are working on a substitute option that would be offered before the refunds are issued, which will provide a choice while not jeopardizing our ability and commitment to the full refund. Stay tuned – refunds have not been issued yet.

Run4Another (May 10) is now virtual. Visit the page for more details!

Baden Duathlon (May 16) is cancelled with full refunds. There will be no substitute option, and participants will be notified when refunds start to be issued.

Rotary Classic Superhero Run, (May 24) is cancelled. More details to follow.

Note on refunds

When all of the entry fees have been spent, we have and will use our registration policy of “no refunds.” This is an active (not a passive) part of the registration form for each and every participant, and is an absolute necessity for a small budget non-profit like Run Waterloo, and is clearly described in the participant waiver.

However, that policy is written for emergency situations that are also last-minute. The COVID-19 pandemic and response is severe, and because of the lead time involved for all future spring events, we have much more flexibility that allows us to circumvent this policy in favour of returning full refunds, net of the Race Roster processing fees. In lieu of the refund, we can also offer deferrals to other Run Waterloo events for up to one year (including the same event in 2021). This deferral option saves three Race Roster processing fees (the one you already paid, the one that would accompany the refund, and the one on the future event).

Future updates, as available:

  • Waterloo 10 KM Classic, June 21
  • Qualia’s Steps Forward, June 27

We are actively exploring ways to do what we’ve always done: use our sport to improve lives.


  • Linda March 19, 2020 4:07 pm

    When, and how should we indicate our choice between deferral, refund , donation, virtual run etc.

    • runwaterloo March 19, 2020 4:19 pm

      This will be done through email to participants and the Race Roster dashboard. At this point we haven’t started taking selections for any of these races.

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